Our Mission

It is up to each one of us to make the next conscious step in human evolution - to HEAL, ENLIGHTEN, AND CHANGE OUR BRAINS; to harness the tremendous power and creativity that lies within each one of us.

Our Vision and Mission is to integrate, teach, and apply methods, both modern and ancient, that have been proven to awaken and heal the brain. This will provide direct access for the individual and for our society to awaken the latent spiritual powers of wisdom, compassion, responsibility, and the enlightened understanding that human beings are ONE community.

  • We will discard the false notion that we are separate competitive beings.

  • We will grow to fully grasp and understand that this earth and the surrounding universe are as much our mother and father as our human parents.

  • We will take responsibility for nurturing and healing ourselves and will share this higher level of awareness with others.

The Team

Martin Wuttke

Martin Wuttke

A. Martin Wuttke

Founder & Clinical Director of NeuroTherapy Centers International and the Wuttke Institute of Neurotherapy
Board Certified in Neurofeedback, BCIA

Marty Wuttke was affiliated with Ridgecrest Hospital and Woodridge Psychiatric Hospital from 1984 to 1995, where he designed and directed the first large scale inpatient Neurofeedback program in the USA. Neurofeedback was used at the hospital as an integral part of the treatment program. Over 11 years of application and well over 1500 patients went through Neurofeedback training. Mr. Wuttke was responsible for QEEG evaluation, analysis and treament.

Wuttke is a pioneer in combining multiple protocols of Neuro-biofeedback training as a self-regulation tool for people suffering from depression, traumatic brain injury, nicotine dependence, eating disorders, chronic pain, anxiety, chemical dependency and alcoholism. He continues to develop, research, and teach protocols for Neuro-biofeedback application with ADD/ADHD, learning disabilities and developmental disorders, autoimmune disorders, and stress related disorders. In 2003 new advanced whole body neuro-biofeedback technology hardware and software was developed under Wuttke's guidance. 

"I have dedicated my life to assist others in the unfoldment of individual potential. It is my experience that each person has unlimited potential for health, happiness and for attaining their highest spiritual aspiration. My search for methods to assist in this unfoldment has taken me along many paths of healing - the most important, being the field of Neurotherapy. It is my aim to establish Neurotherapy as an adjunctive intervention for the health system, the educational system, the criminal rehabilitation system, the mental health system as well as for those persons on a spiritual path of inner exploration. For over 30 years, I have witnessed lives change, remarkable healings, and the transformation of individuals."

This method provides an opening to one's deepest resources gaining access to the healer within.

Teaching and Presentations

Since 1997 Marty has been teaching concepts of EEG Biofeedback (Neurotherapy) domestically and internationally in the United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands, Norway, Ukraine, Thailand and Mexico. He started the NeuroTherapy Centers for Health in Georgia in 1987 for his own clinical practice and professional trainings. In 2005, he helped start the Neurotherapy Center Hilversum, a clinic in the Netherlands. In 2011 and 2012 he teamed up with experts Joel Lubar, PhD and Robert Thatcher, PhD to teach LORETA Z-Score training workshops.  He has also taught for several companies including Stens, EEG Spectrum, American Biotec and Clinical Resources to develop EEG Biofeedback equipment and protocols.

Marty continues to consult and teach about neurotherapy concepts as well as meditation, yogic science of consciousness, ayurvedic medicine and holistic nutrition at various venues around the country. 

Mag. Dr. Stella J. Wuttke (MSc., Ph.D.)

(former Stella J. Faerber)

Mag. Dr. Stella J. Wuttke

Mag. Dr. Stella J. Wuttke

Associated Researcher & director of Wuttke Global

Stella J. Faerber is a cognitive neuro-scientist with a Master (major cognitive neurosciences) and a PhD (summa cum laude) in Psychology. She is currently working as a post-doctoral principal investigator (PI) of a state-funded EEG project on perceptual brain wave patterns (event related potentials, ERPs) and lab-director of the neurofeedback laboratory at the University of Jena, Germany. Ever since her master degree in 2006 she has conducted research and taught on a bachelor and master level at 4 different Universities in Austria, Germany and the UK. Stella has been member of various well-known scientific societies such as the American Vision Science Society, Austrian Society of Psychology, the German Society of Psychology, and the Austrian Neuroscience Society. She has both published, as well as reviewed articles in several international peer-review journals, and is a successful grant writer.

Stella is highly experienced in implementing as well as conducting psychological and neuro-physiological experiments including planning the design, stimulus generation, programming, analyzing and publishing. She is currently implementing a study on autism and neurofeedback including pre- and post-ERP testing. This study aims at enhancing the social skills in people with autism through neurofeedback training. In January 2019 she will join the Wuttke Global team as the PI of a project on meditation and neurofeedback. Within this realm she will work as a director, scientist, neurofeedback trainer as well as meditation teacher.

Stella is particularly inspired by witnessing how neurofeedback together with meditation practice elicits changes in the brain that effect every aspect of life and help to express a person’s highest potential.

Susan Colpitts

Executive Director
MSW, LCSW, BCIA Certified Neuro-Biofeedback Practitioner, Certified Master Forensic Social Worker


Susan became a therapist and neuro-biofeedback specialist for both personal and professional reasons. Due to a near brush with death and having exhausted all traditional methods of treatment she discovered Neuro-biofeedback self regulation training had a great deal to offer. It saved her life and helped restore her to excellent health. For the past 15 years she has combined Neuro-biofeedback with individual psychotherapy and is currently working with  Martin Wuttke, teaching, training, and counseling in various integrated neuro-biofeedback modalities in the U.S. and Europe. 

Prior to that, she worked at Charter Hospital of Austin, a private psychiatric hospital, as a therapist and social worker on the Adult Psychiatric Unit. She conducted group, individual, family, and couples therapy. While at Charter Hospital she was asked to help open an outpatient clinic and serve as director and therapist. She was responsible for designing and implementing new programs and special topic community presentations. Prior to that she worked at Austin Child Guidance Center as a therapist and social worker specializing in the treatment of children using individual play therapy sessions, family sessions and groups. Additionally her duties included extensive social histories, clinical impressions, and diagnosis. She was an organizer for a community outreach program called The Pebble Project which offered some of the first adult survivor/perpetrator groups and child therapy groups. She served on the task force and steering committee designed to coordinate agencies and services working with sexual abuse cases. She has also served on the Board of Directors and worked as a counselor in several juvenile and youth residential programs.

She graduated with honors from the University of Texas, Austin with a BSW in Social Work and a minor in Economics. She was a member of the Phi Kappa Phi Honorary Society, and Who's Who Among Human Service Professionals. She received her clinical training and MSW from Our Lady of the Lake University, San Antonio. During that time she received recognition for her achievement and outstanding performance. She received honorable mention from Hunter College, NY, for a paper submitted to the Child Welfare Journal student manuscript competition. She has been published in a book titled Parenting in the 90's on Appropriate Discipline Techniques for Each Developmental Stage. She has given public presentations on children and play therapy. She was a Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor, is a trained Hospice volunteer, and is BCIA certified.

Wuttke Institute Affiliates

Frank Krijgsman

The Netherlands

Frank Krijgsman

Frank Krijgsman

Frank Krijgsman is working full time as a neurotherapy practitioner since 2004. He got his training and certification in neurotherapy from Marty & Susan Wuttke and from the Neurotherapie Center Hilversum in the Netherlands. He was trained at all the relevant different fields of neurotherapy including neurodevelopmental Treatment (NDT) and neurotransmitter supplements.

Before practicing as a neurotherapy trainer he worked in a group practice as a physical therapist and later as a specialized manual therapist from 1978 to 1996 and since then he has had his own practice in physical and manual therapy and applied kinesiology.

Krijgsman was a teacher at the Academy for Physical Therapy in the Hague, Holland for almost 20 years. Since 1989 he worked as a post graduated teacher for manual therapy giving specialized workshops to physical therapists and was an author for more than 25 years for the physical therapy magazine Versus; writing 12 articles about the psychosomatic approach of health problems and was co-writer in more than 20 articles about human kinematics. For about 10 years he taught anatomy and physiology, body language and symbolism at several Yoga teacher training centers all over the Netherlands. To accomplish healing, he uses (besides neurotherapy), coaching, NDT, Yoga and Qigong (Chi Kung), Neurofield, relaxing and energizing exercises.

Currently, Frank is working with the TransArts Academie to set up a Wuttke Method training Program for practitioners in the Netherlands.

Francis Koopmans

The Netherlands

Francis Koopmans

Francis Koopmans

Francis started her professional career as a nurse working in several different hospitals, however after suffering from hernia complications she was forced to change careers. She took a unique path in finding neurofeedback, studying the flute, and working as a professional flute teacher and learning and developing PsychoSocial Coaching. Ultimately it was her son, who developed ADD symptoms at the age of four; that brought her fully into the field of nuerotherapy. After trying many therapies for her son, excluding medication, she read an interview with Marty Wuttke about neurofeedback and decided that this could be the answer to their son’s problems. After neurotherapy training, her son transformed into the happy child he was before he exhibited ADD symptoms. She was inspired to train with Marty and help others using neurofeedback.

In April 2004, Koopmans trained with Marty Wuttke and later followed trainings by Bob Thatcher and Joel Lubar. She also trained at the Neurotherapie Center Hilversum in the Netherlands. She now sees clients with a variety of common problems and uses LORETA and Suface Z-score systems; as well as the Neurofield system. 

Koopmans runs BrainBalance in The Netherlands, an affiliate of the Wuttke Institute. She is helping people transform themselves into the best they can be.

Consulting Network

Dr. Robert Thatcher
A world leader in brain science, pioneered the US Govt. Human Brain Project, overseeing the development of the world's first FDA approved brainwave database. Developer of Nuerogide LoRETA deep brain neurofedback training.


For some, Neuro-biofeedback sessions can bring to the surface uncomfortable and/or deeply personal emotions. Clients sometimes feel fatigued, vulnerable, tender, or uneasy after a session. This is a part of the healing process as the brain integrates the treatment and builds pathways.

Susan Wuttke, drawing on her 20 years of experience as a therapist, works with clients when counseling is needed to determine courses of treatment. We find that collaboration with therapists, psychiatrists, and physicians greatly augments the quality and lasting benefits of Neuro-biofeedback.