Client Feedback and Testimonials

August 2018

"Marty and his staff have a great amount of knowledge, insight and integrity. They really want to help and do an incredible job of it."

"I was lucky enough to discover The Wuttke Institute after looking for help for over 10years. They have helped me more than anything else I’ve tried, and trust me I’ve tried plenty. In 2007 I was in multiple car accidents which caused a number of problems including a nerve pain disorder (CRPS), chronic migraines, brain injury and cognitive difficulties, PTSD, anxiety and depression, difficulties sleeping, with digestion and calming down. As a result of constant nerve pain I also have a number of other problems.

When I first came to the Wuttke Institute Marty looked at my situation and gave me a 50%chance that they could help. This was actually reassuring to me because I’ve been promised a cure before and it hasn’t been delivered. Marty and his staff have a great amount of knowledge, insight and integrity. They really want to help and do an incredible job of it.

After looking at my case they developed a specific plan for me and my situation. After the first visit I noticed improvements. Now I am happy to say I have had many improvements! My energy is better and ability to handle stress and calm down  are improved. My pain level has gone down more than 60%. I am thrilled that I finally found something that helps with my chronic migraines. Usually nothing gets rid of them and they last for months. Now they’re significantly better when I do get them and the frequency is greatly reduced( by about 75%).

My case is very complicated and The Wuttke Institute was still able to help. I can’t recommend them enough. If you’re tired of trying things to improve your health without success then give them a chance. You won’t regret it!"
-Dawn Chiarodit 

May 2018

"There is a serenity to my new life mind brain experience, and I sometimes want to weep about it simply because of how long and hard I have tried to get to this place, and I finally made it. Finding such relief and calm within is possibly the greatest blessing of my entire life."

"I feel like the best way to describe how things have changed for me since I have completed a number of sessions of neurotherapy at the Wuttke Institute is by defining these changes as changes in my experience of living. I don’t feel my personality or basic beliefs or thoughts have changed, but rather my experience of being has changed. My body aches less now, and some kind of static in my life is now gone. In its place is quiet solitude and peace of mind. I am 57 years old and I have devoted a good chunk of my life, starting at an early age, to finding and establishing a sense of internal well being or peace, but I had never completed the work in a way that resulted in something as profound as what I have discovered through neurotherapy at the Wuttke Institute. Despite decades of self study, two graduate degrees in psychology, and a steady meditation practice, there was still a volatility to my existence, a volatility in the sense of me not feeling completely settled in, or as calm inside as I wished I was. The neurotherapy sessions at the Wuttke Institute eradicated the buzz I call it, or the flightiness, or the jitters, or maybe I could name it the perpetually low grade anxiousness or fear.

I had likely picked up a chronic sense of unease at an early stage of life having been raised in a physically abusive home. It, that chronic angst within me had become a conditioned and habituated state of sorts I think, unrecognizable by and large, but also felt and certainly something that governed my moods, and decisions, and life course for that matter. “It” is gone now! What used to take me an hour of disciplined sitting insight-meditation to achieve is now a permanent part of me. What I mean is that the mellow, thoughtful, mindful, relaxed human being I would temporarily be after an hour of meditation practice is now here with me always as a result of these neurotherapy sessions.

My life experience now feels less intense peaks and valleys and aches and pains, and instead more soft and smooth sailing. The reason Peter Rabbit hid in the briar patch (a thicket of thorny plants) is because nobody would chase him into such an unpleasant place. He was safe there, but it cost him the agony of being pricked and poked. I feel like I am now out of the prickly and pokey briar patch environment and into warm soothing waters that feel safe and comfortable and non threatening. My former habituated state of angst or of being on guard is at the least massively reduced, and maybe even gone altogether; out of the Briar patch and into warm soothing waters all because of neurotherapy.

To finally attain this sense of calm and quiet within feels like a gift from the gods. I am more patient, and I am now more comfortable being present, being here, now, and mindful with a calmed and settled nervous system. I feel like my brain or mind has finally made it to the place it had been seeking for the past 50 years. There is a serenity to my new life mind brain experience, and I sometimes want to weep about it simply because of how long and hard I have tried to get to this place, and I finally made it. Finding such relief and calm within is possibly the greatest blessing of my entire life.

I also think a byproduct of finding this level of serenity within me is having more space for what I used to be short with. For example, I think self judgement and judgement of others is measurably reduced. I think that fact alone opens the door for greater self acceptance and acceptance of others. I think with a calmer state of mind, and calmer emotional center, I am more able to be more gracious with myself and others. I feel both less rigid and less chaotic inside and I think that means my mind and emotions are more integrated, which translates, in my understanding of things, to me being a healthier more stable person. I know for certain that I am enjoying being me far more now than before, and for that I am grateful."

Thomas Sander
Santa Barbara, California

March 2016

"My thinking, started to change, my moods, my judgment of others, even my perception of my self everything started to shift. Thoughts and fears started to fall away, and hope and passion and creativity started to well up."

"When I came to the Wuttke institute I was in pieces. I was shattered and hopeless and afraid of my own shadow. I had been on anti-depressants, talk therapy, practicing yoga, reading self help books and even taking special supplements and diets for years, but I was unable to really benefit from all of these incredible things I was doing because of how locked up immovable my patterns of thinking were.

I heard about the Wuttke institute through some friends of mine who had really benefitted from neuro-therapy for insomnia and depression. One afternoon in May after having an anxiety attack that had lasted a few days too long I felt like I was on the verge of coming unglued. I got in my car and drove to the Eugenia place in search of relief. I walked up (mistakenly led by my iphone) to the back of the building and the doors were locked. I took a deep breath and shook my head and walked away in defeat. Thinking to myself, I am always going to be locked inside my mind, with this anxiety, these thoughts, this suffering. This is the end of the road, I’ve already tried everything I possibly could. 

But something inside me said no. From this moment no more. So I took out my phone and called the number from the website and Marty Wuttke answered the phone and I told him that I standing in front of the doors trying to get in but they were locked ( a metaphor that would make a lot of sense to me later). He replied “…that’s odd, because there is no one at the front door, you must be at the backdoor, come around the front and well talk.” 

When I met Marty I was shaking like a leaf, a fraction of myself. I told him for months now I wake up every morning so anxious I can barely breathe, that I constantly suffer from anxiety, and there are so many behavioral patterns and choices that I keep making that I desperately want to stop. I felt helpless and in defeat and out of control and stuck in a state of being that I desperately wanted to get out of being trapped in a place you don’t want to be is the greatest suffering there is. I didn’t know what I was getting my self into but the next time I came in Marty sat me down in a chair and smothered my hair in what looked like ultrasound goop and attached a bunch of wires to my head and made me keep my eyes both open and shut for an ungodly amount of time. The result of this very interesting experience was that I got to see on paper what was actually going on in my brain, I could take myself of the cross and see that chemically and physiologically I had overactive parts of my brain that were causing these symptoms and feelings. Even that information alone was such a gift. In my experience knowledge is the absence of fear and just seeing the colors on a piece of paper that indicated my ‘work in progress’ spots was enough to quell my anxiety in that moment. Marty explained that my logical brain was being high jacked by my limbic system, causing all of the symptoms I was experiencing and that these treatments in combination with what I was already doing could actually heal my brain! I was invigorated and hopeful and excited for once in a long time! And what I didn’t realize was that these treatments would exacerbate the beneficial effects of the things I was already doing, I was able to get so much more and go so much deeper in talk therapy and derive so much more out of reading. My thinking, started to change, my moods, my judgment of others, even my perception of my self everything started to shift. Thoughts and fears started to fall away, and hope and passion and creativity started to well up. Music started swirling around me. Literally. I have always loved to play guitar and sing. Something I never believed in myself enough or have had the courage to pursue. All of the sudden I found myself singing constantly, words and melodies and lyrics started pouring out of me. Past experiences, pain, love, loss all of it started coming together in song. I have written about 30 songs since the day I started coming to Marty and more and more arise everyday. I even had some of my songs chosen to be in a Patagonia documentary which is something I never thought could happen. 

I am not a complete success story. I am not perfect or sublimely happy all of the time, I still have bad days and weird feelings and I get frustrated and moody. I haven’t made millions of dollars becoming a singer songwriter. What I have is exactly what I need. I have learned my myself intimately; I have integrated a way of thinking and understanding in myself that will serve me for the rest of my life. Most of the time I am relaxed and grounded and I have learned what causes my unrest and have the tools to overcome it. I have realized what makes me happy and I have untapped creativity that was longing to be set free. By the grace of god and the Wuttke institute I was given this gift!"

Jacklyn Steinnmann,

Carpinteria, California

November 2016

"I feel like a combustion engine has been installed inside me - I am creating again, I am motivated! "

"I am a 61 year old woman presenting with headaches since the age of approximately 10. They started as a simple tension variety. As I hit my teens, I would use Excedrin to take the pain away. I became addicted to the caffeine in Excedrin. This, I believe, set a chronic daily pattern later in my life. I was using the Excedrin to amp me up and take the pain away, and it became a crutch. Into my late 30’s the migraine cycle began. By 45 the chronic migraine was almost daily, even though I had given up the Excedrin. I could expect 2-4 debilitating headaches a week, consumed in a dark room, upset stomach, with no quality of life. I began my search for the cure in my late 30’s upon meeting my husband, a Harvard trained Infectious Disease Specialist in Santa Barbara, CA. I tried everything Western medicine could offer at that time, and nothing touched my pain. I dove into alternatives, tested my hormone levels, went on natural HRTs, acupuncture, chiropractics, cups, massage, sound, healers…you name it, I tried it. I felt like as my husbands AIDS patients were dying, so was I. The greatest relief came with Imitrex, which eventually fizzled, then the next on the Pharmaceutical hit parade. I have followed that trail till now. I can manage the pain, but the monkey is always on my shoulder waiting to explode! 
    I’m an artist, I have (I am told) a gift, I clearly haven't taken advantage of in my life. There is, in me, a burning desire, the passion, the creative spark, a strong will…but my pain is foggy and I can’t hold the understanding of a conversation, much less go to my studio and produce, I am slow on the follow through. I don't have the self confidence at the point to pick myself up and go for it. I’m stuck in the mud. As a perfectionist, I think I’ve spent more time cleaning the counter tops than I have painting a canvas in 20 years. My ears perked up when I heard of NFB & Marty Wuttke. I said yes instantly, as I have with so many possible cures out there. Nothing has ever worked, I hold the possibility always, but don't expect a miracle - a miracle I have found. My brain is coming out of the fog. I feel like a combustion engine has been installed inside me - I am creating again, I am motivated! The mind chatter patterns of self defeat are naturally shifting to positive conclusions, I can see clearly into my childhood, the neglect, abandonment, and feelings of failure. I can own and integrate me now. It’s not a pill that magically does the work for me, I’ve had to work hard and am committed to continue, but the headaches are releasing from me. They are melting away as I become clear. This is remarkable work, and I thank the powers that Be, Marty Wuttke for his brilliance, and me for my willing to get on the train and drop my baggage at the station."

Anonymously submitted

Late 2015

"Its been an amazing experience. Marty saved my life. This is what true healing should be."

"In 1997, my husband died suddenly and the grief process started changes in me physically and emotionally. Over the next several years, I uncontrollably dropped weight and got down to skin and bones. There was only 5 things I could eat that didn’t make me sick. I went to every ‘specialist’ who was the ‘best in his/her field’. None of them did any good, or if they did, it was short lived. I got weaker and weaker. The last gastro-intestinal specialist in Atlanta finally told me, “I don’t know what’s wrong with you but you are dying and you need to go home and get your affairs in order.” So I did. I updated my will, gave lots of stuff away…and then I got mad. What arrogance! If these doctors are so in a box with their training and the patient doesn't fall within their guidelines, why don’t they refer to other healing measures?!?! They obviously don’t know everything.
    When I was at the end of my rope and almost lost hope, friends called who had been to see Marty Wuttke and told me I had to go. I was so weak and in pain, I said I couldn’t go to one more ‘specialist’ or doctor. They stayed on me to go see him, so to get them off my back I drug myself to Marty expecting nothing. My past experience was the doctors were more interested in insurance money than me, so I was surprised when Marty’s questions were about my diet and lifestyle. Then he tested me and the results were made personal and about ME, not generic as in the past. Then we started our sessions. I don't know ‘how’ biofeedback neurotherapy works, but it opened me up. I cried and released pent up anger for a year. As a female raised in the South, I was trained to hold things in. What I know now is those pent-up emotions were in my organs and tissues and were killing me. Marty’s work helped unlock all that and allow it to be released. I didn’t re-live any of the old experiences, but just let go of the emotion attached. It was an amazing experience of true healing. And no drugs! But lots of supplements. I was so depleted that he needed to build me up with nutrition. 
    I am now a strong 63 year old woman who just joined the gym and have a personal trainer. I’ve put my normal weight back on and can eat anything. I do food combining (fruit first, protein last) but other than that, I'm having a normal life now. Its been an amazing experience. Marty saved my life. This is what true healing should be."

-Claudia Taylor

Notes from 2005-2014

I would like to thank you both for the most magical two weeks ever. Nothing has engaged my very being or made me think in such a way as this. These past two glorious weeks have brought me so much closer to knowing myself and how wonderful it is to be (or start to be) ALIVE!! My deepest gratitude goes to you both.
Thank you for being there when I need you. Thank  you for providing this safe space for exploration within. Thank you for your loving being. 
I am so glad that I have crossed your path and that you have shown me the way to this fuller and blessed life. I have really enjoyed those two weeks and hope to see you again soon. Thank you!
I am deeply grateful that you saved me or made me save myself. I feel major changes and beginning peace, where I thought I gave up. This is my third stay here, this time on my own, without Marian. I felt deserted, but it’s proved to be a blessing. I really participated and blended into the group. This turn-around is my new beginning, this is a reward in itself. Your wisdom, experience, professionalism, and stimulating enthusiasm are almost miracles in themselves. I will follow my path (with or without my beloved Marian). 
France last year opened my heart changed my life completely. Being here, on this ground with you two and the group is already in all my cells. It already has and will deepen my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. We will meet again.
I didn’t know what to expect, but as a 7 I would like to find that out. It turned out to be a very refreshing experience, thank you very much, also for the hospitality and the perfect organization at the CSA, and most of all for the increasing of my alpha’s and gamma’s and my spiritual input. 
May the inner smile of self-remembrance (that you have helped to awaken) continue to bless us all. With heartfelt gratitude and unconditional love always, 
I had only a surface idea of your talents and gifts before this training! I have no doubt that what you have given me and taught me has left me in a healing, loving, and growing circle of understanding. I thank you. 
                                                    -J. Abbott