What are the side effects?

Neuro-biofeedback has no known side effects when carried out under professional guidance. This is due to the non-invasive nature of the therapy. Note that although medication may be reduced in the course of the therapy, this is at the discretion of the referring physician. Neuro-biofeedback is not "anti-medicine"; on the contrary, it often works parallel to the appropriate pharmaceutical intervention.

Why does Neuro-biofeedback work?

The brain is an amazingly adaptable and flexible organ, and as we all know, is capable of learning. Just as it can learn to direct a body to ride a bicycle, it can also learn to better direct its own functioning, if it is only given feedback about its progress.

When a mature brain is functioning well, and the person is attentive, the frequencies of brainwaves show a particular pattern. When the brainwave frequencies deviate significantly from the norm, there may be an adverse impact on cognitive, emotional, and physical function. Neuro-biofeedback training challenges the person and the brain to attain and maintain the alert, "high-performance" state. It gives the brain feedback about its progress and, like riding a bicycle, once it has learned to maintain a healthy state, it does not easily forget.

What is Martin Wuttke's approach to Neuro-biofeedback training?

Martin Wuttke has many clients from all over the United States and Europe who request personal training with him. Therefore, he has created and developed an intensive approach to neuro-biofeedback training called, 'Targeted Frequency Training' (TFT). This method produces rapid, lasting change in the individuals brainwave patterns in a relatively short period of time. The process occurs over a two-week period. Sessions are twice a day, Monday through Friday. Applications for TFT intensives must be made well in advance. Read Susan's amazing personal story.

How do I set up an appointment?

Email or call us and we will schedule the initial evaluation.

Where are you located?

212 Cottage Grove Ave. Suite A
Santa Barbara, Ca 93101


If I choose not to do the Targeted Frequency Training (TFT), what are my other options?

We have many clients who live close by and do not have to travel great distances for their appointments. Usually they have a minimum of 2 sessions per week. There is a "learning effect" that occurs as the brain orients to the neuro-biofeedback training, and therefor, sessions need to be fairly consecutive.

When will I know if I am done?

When symptoms are relieved, goals reached and we see the results holding, we start to spread the time out between sessions. Our research has shown with follow-up testing, that after a full course of sessions, the brain continues to improve in function during those intervals.

Are there Other References?

You or your doctor may want to know more about neuro-biofeedback, in which case recent published research may be the best place to find information. Note that the neuro-biofeedback therapy discussed here is different from the more common, early alpha-wave training experiments. Below are a few references to relevant resources. All books are available online via amazon.com


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Download a Comprehensive Bibliography of the efficacy of Neurofeedback