Neuro-Biofeedback Training and Self-Regulation

Neuro-biofeedback is a type of biofeedback which charts brainwave frequencies in realtime and teaches self-regulation. This can help to relieve common problems relating to anxiety, addiction, attention deficit disorder (ADHD), Autism/PDD, depression, chronic fatigue, headaches, sleep problems, chronic pain, brain injury, cognitive decline and many other ailments.

"It is my experience that each person has unlimited potential for health, happiness and attaining their highest spiritual aspirations. I have dedicated my life to assist others in the unfolding of this potential."  - Marty Wuttke, Director

Access the Healer Within...

The Wuttke Institute offers clinically proven non-drug treatments for a variety of common problems.

Martin Wuttke, founder and director of the Wuttke Institute, is one of the most prominent neuro-biofeedback specialists in the world. Over the last 30 years, Marty and his staff have successfully helped thousands of adults and children overcome a variety of symptoms and enjoy a greatly improved quality of life.

Wuttke combines scientific curiosity with scientific honesty and scrutiny, but always with an emphasis upon what works…and for whom. His quest for the best tools has lead to his present system.
— The Intelligent Optimist on Marty Wuttke

Located in Santa Barbara, California.
Currently accepting clients for both regular weekly and bi-weekly treatments, as well as two week intensives.

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What is Neuro-Biofeedback?
Check out this video by Martin Brinks, an Australian colleague, who has done a great job in making self-regulation via neuro-biofeedback easy to grasp.